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Let’s face it, personal injury cases are time-sensitive. The more intel you have and the sooner you have it, the better positioned you are to achieve greater outcomes for your clients. Whether you are in the pre-litigation or litigation phase, our investigative services help you close the knowledge gap and bring consistency to your firm’s intelligence-gathering protocols.

Personal Injury Investigations

A thorough personal injury investigation makes a significant difference in achieving a better outcome for your client. This is where we come in. With First Legal Investigations, you gain an investigation team with decades of experience who are highly adept at achieving successful outcomes for our personal injury attorney clients. We understand you, the attorney, and the needs you have in representing your injured client. We understand your client as the person who is dealing with their injuries and the effect it has on their lives and that of their loved ones. Behind every “file” are human beings who rely on us to do our job exceptionally so that, together, we can achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client who places their trust in us. We call this the human factor. We get it, we care, and we work tirelessly to produce results.

Our experience, and the value it brings to you, extends far beyond the simple mechanics of investigating. Working side by side with our attorney clients for decades, we understand strategy and execution at an unparalleled level. Think of us as investigators who look through your eyes and understand the investigative approach you, the attorney, would take if you had the time to thoroughly investigate all your cases yourself.

Let First Legal Investigations introduce you to an effortless investigative experience.

  • Locate police, fire, OSHA, towing and other relevant investigative reports
  • Review police and other official reports to determine accuracy and identify additional investigative tasks to be conducted that were not performed
  • Identify, locate, interview and statementize witnesses
  • Maintain regular communications with witnesses, and post statements, to ensure continuing cooperation
  • Conduct scene investigation to include photographs, video and diagram preparation
  • Canvass scene to locate cameras that may have captured the incident
  • Locate social media and traditional media posts that pertain to your client’s matter
  • DMV reports for driver’s license and vehicle registration
  • Vehicle location to photograph and conduct forensic analysis
  • EDR (Event Data Recorder) downloads and analysis
  • Background investigation on adverse drivers
  • Insurance policy verification
  • Asset investigation to ascertain a defendant’s financial responsibility over and above their existing policy limits
  • Provide experts in all related fields

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