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Not All Data Is At Your Fingertips

Defensible collections is key to using novel data sources in court. Our team of experts will defensibly collect all potentially responsive data from any source, including mobile devices and social media sources.

Defensible Collections

When using eDiscovery for a legal matter, it is important to ensure that the data that has been collected will be admissible in court. Electronically stored information (ESI) lives on many different facets such as emails, cloud servers, social media platforms, mobile devices, and even hidden data such as deleted or fragmented files. It is critical that your firm employ proper and defensible methods when collecting digital evidence to safeguard the integrity of the metadata and reduce the risk of spoliation.

Whether the data is large or small, our eDiscovery and forensic professionals use a systematic and defensible method when collecting, preserving, and analyzing data. Our team has the knowledge and skillset to ensure your data is preserved, collected, and transferred in a defensible manner.

See how First Legal helps clients collect data defensible, and cost effectively here.

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