Court Services

Court Filing

Filing provided in all Federal and State Courts, as well as Public Offices, in every city across the country. Our concept, as it relates to court operations in all First Legal cities, consist of Court Supervisors (located at the central courts - Superior, District and Bankruptcy) for filing and research work, as well as our court specialists in your branch and surrounding counties. Staff in the Courts throughout the country are in communication with our Court Managers and staff members to give you real time status of your assignment.


PDF/FAX Filing

First Legal Support Services offers PDF Filing and Fax filing throughout the United States. Our nationwide offices and affiliations combined with many years of experience in our industry, allows us to perform our services consistently throughout the country. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure PDF Filings / Fax Filings that are a fraction of the normal time and cost than our competitors. All PDF / Fax Filings are handled by trained staff, which meticulously set up all documents for filing quickly and accurately.



During these times as technology secures its place in the court systems around the country, First Legal Support Services is now capable of handling your eFiling requests. Whether it is directly filed into a number of participating courts across the U.S. or directly to our offices and affiliate offices, which are located minutes from the courts, this virtual avenue is quick, efficient and cost effective.


Court Research

Civil and criminal index searches and case file copying in all jurisdictions nationwide, including Recorders offices, Secretary of State, Law Libraries, State and Federal Archives, etc.