Records Retrieval

Records Retrieval

First Records Retrieval specializes in providing Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations and TPAs with Nationwide Records Retrieval Solutions and Deposition Officer Services. 

First Records Retrieval Services provides a number of features to reduce costs, track, manage and help with controlling client expenses. 

By teaming with First Records Retrieval your firm will no longer need to worry about the ‘subpoena for records’ process again.  As records retrieval specialists, we can obtain records anywhere in the country through our network of offices and affiliates across the country; keeping your cost in line with your goals.

First Records Retrieval provides a total records retrieval service package. We will:

  • Prepare your subpoena
  • Notice the appropriate parties
  • Serve the custodian of records
  • Scan/copy the records
  • Disseminate copies to the requesting parties using our electronic paperless solution

First Records Retrieval offers online downloading, archiving, viewing and retrieval of all records obtained.

To enhance our service to you, First Records Retrieval has a dedicated customer service team available online, via our new Online Chat Service. As such, you are welcome to chat online or call us at 877.591.9979.


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