PDF/FAX Filing

PDF/FAX Filing

First Legal Support Services offers PDF Filing and Fax filing throughout the United States. Our nationwide offices and affiliations combined with many years of experience in our industry, allows us to perform our services consistently throughout the country. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure PDF Filings / Fax Filings that are a fraction of the normal time and cost than our competitors. All PDF / Fax Filings are handled by trained staff, which meticulously set up all documents for filing quickly and accurately.

Just click the "First Connect" button on the top right, login, choose and fill out the proper information with your special instructions, upload your document directly from your desktop and "Confirm Order".

You will be issued a control number and a confirmation will be sent to your email that your document has been received and is in the process of being completed. With that control number, you can track and status your order at anytime.

Once your assignment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation through your email with a time, date, signature, etc.

You will also receive a scanned face page of your "Conformed Copy" along with the hard copy for your file.

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