Out-of-State Commissions

Our Out-of-State Commission program is the newest addition to First Legal’s National Services offering. Whether you need to depose a witness or subpoena records out-of-state and you’re not already an expert in that state’s local requirements, let us take the worry out of it for you. In this program, our team will:

  • Research the Local Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Complete all the Necessary Forms 
  • Notice Opposing Counsel 
  • Prepare all of the Local Documents
  • Coordinate the Issuance of the Foreign Subpoena
  • Advance all the Court Fees on Your Behalf
  • Serve the Actual Documents
  • Act as the Deposition Officer When Necessary

Typically services like this can cost you $1000’s in paralegal services, or worse, retaining outside counsel to handle the process for you. With First Legal’s National Division we can typically perform the entire process for a fraction of the cost and usually within 24-72 hours. 

While the new Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act has simplified the process in some states, each has its own variation...and your case is too important to jeopardize over an improperly served subpoena of records or the deposition of your key witness. 

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