First Legal Network has been providing legal support services for more than a quarter of a century. With over 14 offices in the western United States alone, First Legal services 1000s of law firms and corporations with an array of localized solutions ranging from court filing, service of process and messenger solutions.

Our National Division provides a subset of these same legal support services across the country specific to our Corporate Clients as well as Litigation Firms:

Corporate Clients: Corporate Cost Containment Solutions Law Firms National Litigation Support Programs tailored to larger corporations in the Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Energy and Technology verticals who utilize a large network of outside counsel, or portfolio-style firms, to manage their caseload.

Benefits of a
Corporate Cost Containment Solutions Law Firms National Litigation Support Program are:

  • Cost-control and Cost-Certainty over your Litigation Support Services:
  • Court Filings, Service of Process and Court Research
  • A National Vendor Program for all your Litigation Support Services
  • 5% savings typical during the first year, 18-20% over 3-5 years
  • Single-point of contact for all your portfolio firms and internal support staff
  • Consolidated Invoices and Client Matter Reconciliation
  • No-cost Startup Model

Litigating Firms: Our National Division provides a subset of the same local services we offer in the Western US, but focuses specifically on the following state-to-state solutions:

  • Out-of-State Court Filings
  • Out-of-State Service of Process
  • Out-of-State Commission, i.e., Out-of-State Subpoenas
  • Court Research: Federal, State and County Jurisdiction

As a First Legal National Division client, you continue to work with your local vendor for localized Litigation Support Services while we provide a cost-effective national solution for your out-of-state services.

First Legal has spent the last 25+ years not only servicing the Western US, but also supporting those same clients with all of their out-of-state needs. As a result, we have developed an operational excellence that simply does not exist with any other vendor. This experience alone will save your firm a significant amount of time and money when filing or serving your documents across state lines, not only in real cost of the services, but also in the quality of service ensuring your case is not jeopardized due to poor service or an improperly filed or served document.


For a general overview of the National Division's services, download our Summary Sheet here