Out-of-State Attorney Services

Need to depose a witness or subpoena records from out-of-state? Not sure of the process in a particular state?

Across the country, FLN - National provides:

  • State-to-state court filing services
  • Service of process services
  • Commission services

We will prepare the necessary forms, send notice to opposing counsel, prepare the out of state documents, have the foreign subpoena issued, advance the court fees, serve the documents and, if necessary, act as the deposition officer.

Let First Legal Network research the state requirements for you, identify and complete the correct forms, contact the clerk of the resident court and assist with the executing the final service.  Our team of knowledgeable experts will take care of the entire process from start to finish.

We can support your team for a fraction of the cost of using out-of-state co-counsels, internal associates and other 3rd party solutions. We’ve been supporting the legal community for over 25 years, let us earn your business today.

Download our brochure now to see the many benefits of using our Out-of-State Attorney Services today!