International Service of Process is now just a click away.

We are the experts in the field of overseas service of process with experienced process servers in every country. You can trust that your documents will be correctly served the first time.



At First Legal Network, we know the challenges of effecting service of process outside the U.S. – language and cultural barriers, trying to research foreign laws and legal practices, all while the clock is ticking. We are the solution — experts in the field of overseas service of process with experienced process servers in every country. We will take care of you from beginning to end – guaranteed.

A few facts to consider before engaging an agency to provide service abroad:

We are the Experts.
We make it our business to understand the intricacies of the Hague Convention Service, Letters Rogatory or Inter-America Service Convention and Additional Protocol. We are the undisputed leader in this arena for over 31 years.

We understand how to navigate the challenges of effecting service of process outside the U.S., with a thorough understanding of foreign laws, jurisdictions and legal practices. We are experts, so you don’t have to be.

We Have the Experience.
First Legal Network is the leader in this field, with 31 years of experience providing a high level of expert service worldwide. Our global team knows what it takes to serve your documents.

We Handle Everything.
Our team takes care of every logistical step from beginning to end. How simple do we make it for you? Just provide us with your service documents and leave the rest to us.

Our Service is Guaranteed.
We pride ourselves in accuracy and reliability. This ensures that your documents are correctly served the first time – keeping you on track and on budget. We also guarantee our rates with no hidden charges.

Count on us as your partner for International Service of Process.

Quick Facts About Serving Process Abroad

International Service is not the same as serving someone in the U.S. The rules, regulations, and expectations are very different.

What is the Hague Service Convention?
The Hague Service Convention or the Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters is a treaty adopted in 1965 that established the guidelines for International Service of Process, amongst members of the Hague Treaty, establishing a more simplified means for parties to effect service.

How did the convention alter International Service of Process?
Convention guidelines improved the process greatly. The main benefits of the Hague Service Convention are two fold. 1) there is no need to hire a foreign attorney to advise on “out of country” services and 2) because the forms used are now standardized, the process can take less time.

How Long Does Service of Process Take?
The entire process takes approximately 3-12 months, depending on the country where it is served.

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