Although eFiling is mandatory in some courts, you are not required to use the court portal or any specific vendor. As part of our ezFile Solution, First Legal has been eFiling court documents for over 9 years - delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective program in the industry. 



With ezFile there are 3 ways to eFile your documents:

  • Email - Our most popular option preferred by 98% of our clients. Simply email your filings to efiling@firstlegalnetwork.com and we'll do the rest.
  • First Connect - First Legal Network is a direct Electronic Filing Service Provider. File your documents directly with the court using our secure, user-friendly online order entry portal. Look for direct eFiling in many new courts when our Odyssey* portal comes online.
  • “On Behalf” Option - Simply upload your documents via First Connect and we'll file 'On Your Behalf'.

Not sure if a court requires a document to be eFiled? Just email us the document or upload it via First Connect and we’ll handle the rest. If a document can be eFiled, we'll process it accordingly, if not, we’ll print the document and deliver to the court as a standard filing (also called a PDF/Fax Filing Service). 

Our Customer Service Representatives are available to help you through the process. Call us Today at 877.399.5562


San Diego Superior Court eFiling Notice