Video Services

First Legal’s Videography Team utilizes only the latest video production technology and most advanced editing software to produce the finest quality video to meet your litigation needs.


Videography Services

We offer advanced video equipment ensuring that all your technology needs are met. With high definition cameras, you can be assured of capturing the deponent’s demeanor and expressions that can make the different in winning or losing a case. Our videography service can issue the finished video in DVD, MPEG or CD-ROM.

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Video Streaming

Allow remote users to view and/or participate in a live proceeding on their computers or tablets. Each user will be provided a confidential username and password to conveniently access the live streaming proceedings.

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Video Teleconferencing

Our cost-effective solution for your out-of-town depositions is video teleconferencing. This allows participation in a deposition across the state or across the country while optimizing valuable time and eliminating expensive travel.

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To enhance our service to you, First Legal Deposition services has a dedicated customer service team available to answer any questions. Please call us at 855.348.4997.

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