First Legal Network is an approved Electronic Filing Service Provider with the Orange County Superior Court. At this time, we are processing Civil, Probate & Mental Health cases. 

With our Portal you will be able to:

  • Process an Initial Filing with the Court (“Case Initiation”)
  • Process Subsequent Filings with the Court (“Subsequent Filings”)
  • Integrated eServe on Subsequent Filings
  • Now you can even eFile for free!  Click the button above to find out more

Some advantage of eFiling with First Legal are:

  • 100% Advancement of all Credit Card or ACH requirements to place your order.
  • The highest level of Customer Service in the industry. We’re an Attorney Service built from the ground-up to service all of your litigation support requirements. 
  • Consolidated Dashboard and Billing for all of your Litigation Support Orders - eFilings, Service of Process or Messenger Services - one view, one solution.

Our ezFile Solution provides three (3) methods to eFile your documents (see our eFiling Page for more details):

1) Our “eMail it and forget it” option is used by 98% of our customers...just eMail us your documents and a Customer Service Representative will follow-up.

2) Login to our First Connect Portal and eFile your documents directly with the Orange County Superior Court.


3) Using the same eFiling Portal, you can upload your documents and we'll file them with the Orange County Superior Court "On Your Behalf"

For more information related to eFiling and eService with the Orange County Superior Court, please call us at 877.399.5562 or email to find out how we can eFile for you.

Click on the link below to download our current pricing for the Orange County Superior Court.


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